Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your New Home

You finally bought your first starter or dream home. You are beyond excited but when you made the purchase you may not have budgeted for new furniture and home decor. You want to get moved right in and invite friends and family over for a housewarming party except your house is half-furnished and the decorations from your rental apartment or old home feel outdated and just not right.

Lucky there are ways to make your home a fashionable abode without breaking the bank. You do not have to go further into debt to buy expensive furnishings, rugs and household decorations. There are many options when it comes to filling your spaces with items that make a new purchase feel like your home. Penticton BC real estate agent Gil Szabo has some great home décor ideas.

  • Step One: Research

Before heading out to any shops or searching online really consider what you want your space to say about you. You may want to spend time looking through Pinterest and pinning the pages you are drawn to. You might be surprised to find your tastes have changed over the years. Perhaps you are just coming into your own when styling your home. This is an important first step.

  • Step Two: Choose a Colour Palate

Paint is a great way to spruce up a home. It can add colour where needed and tone  down a space if it is too bright or dark. Paint can really date a home so fresh hues can modernize your space without much work or money. If you undertake the job on your own it can be done with only the cost of supplies. Look it up on the internet. It will have a step by step list on how to paint a room or wall.

  • Step Three: Refurbish and Restore Old Pieces

Look at your old outdated furniture and consider whether or not it can be revitalized. Many of us have old wooden furniture from bygone eras but painting a piece can make a world of difference. Another bonus to this option is that it does not cost much and you can customize your colours to match your walls and floors.

  • Step Three: Search Used Furniture Stores

Spending the day wandering through local used furniture stores can be quite fun. It is kind of like a scavenger hunt and you never know what treasure you may find. Nowadays matching sets are not the height of fashion and mismatched furniture is all the rage. Try to always keep in mind what theme you are going for whether it be boho chic or something more classic.

  • Step Four: Spend Some Time at Local Thrift Stores

Just like the used furniture stores thrift stores usually have little gems hidden throughout. Couch cushions can change the look of sofas and chairs and you just might find some funky curtains or sheets you can turn into pillow covers. Do not forget to look through the art section. You will likely find rows and rows of shelves filled with decorative pieces. It only takes one or two to change a room’s feel.

  • Step Five: Mirrors and Art

While art can cost an arm and a leg you can still decorate your home without decimating your budget. There are many furniture stores and home decor stores that carry very cool prints. Mirrors whether they be from a thrift store or bought new can open up a room and add to your personal style. If you like you can plan on investing in original art eventually but prints can fill your walls in the interim.

  • Step Six: Furniture Covers and Curtains 

When you bought your couches and chairs they might have been the in style but now in the new space they seem dated. There is nothing wrong with buying a cover to slip over them. This can create the illusion of completely new furniture. Changing out curtains can also alter the atmosphere in a room. Take down blinds and buy some window hangings from a decor store. A double rod can create a nice window frame.

These are just a few suggestions when it comes to decorating a new home without breaking the bank. Take some time on the internet and you will find numerous other great ideas to aide you in building a creative space everyone in your family will love.

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